Global Humanity Network On The Ground: Helping The Girls Of Little London High School

April, 2022

As a critical part of the Helping Hands Initiative, Global Humanity Network decided to furnish girls with feminine products that are much needed in the marginalized community of Little London High School community.

In April 2022, Dr. Laxley Stephenson and myself met with the guidance counselors at Little London High School who spoke to us about the urgent needs of their department.

This need included having feminine products available for the girls in the high school. We returned to the United States and discussed this situation with the GHN organization.

With the help of donors, we were able to provide an additional barrel packed with only feminine products.

While unpacking the barrels with the various food items, the boys got to this “special" one. Two boys (members of the Cadet Corps) started to snicker and whisper among themselves, while looking at me sheepishly.

I tuned my ear, listening, all the while pretending not to hear the quiet exchange.

After a few moments I told the boys that they will need to put a pack of sanitary napkins in the bags designated for the girls only.

After a few moments, boy A asked boy B if he wanted a pack of the napkins, all the while laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Boy A stopped laughing and said to his friend, “I don’t want one but I would take one for my mother.”

Immediately, I turned around and asked him to bring me his book bag. I dropped a packet of 30 in his bag. He said, “thank you miss” and continued his work unpacking.

I was amazed at the maturity (joking aside) of this child. He understood that the needs of his family extended beyond food items


Blog Post by Grace Laing Moore, Director & Chair of Global Humanity Network Governance Committee.