Global Humanity Network On The Ground: Food Distribution In Little London 

September, 2022

In September of 2022, fulfilling a long held ambition, a team of GHN members took a trip to Jamaica. Having previously shipped 9 barrels of foods items, we travelled to complete the distribution of food in Little London, Jamaica.

We were warmly greeted by the principal of Little London High school and his staff members who were helping to facilitate the process.

The school's military Cadet Corps (which was created by the government to develop the character of young Jamaicans) led by their leader, Lieutenant Anderson, was at the forefront of this effort.

While we worked, the camaraderie was infectious. We laughed as we toiled, listening to various anecdotes that could only be told by these children. They regaled us with familiar and unfamiliar hysterical stories, while speaking to no one in particular.

GHN representatives, Andrea McIntosh, Paulette Ricketts, and myself could barely contain ourselves. We laughed and laughed while we worked in the 90+ degree weather.

These amazing students created an assembly line, all the while making sure that each bag received staples like oil, peanut butter, sugar, sardines, and more.

The students kept each other motivated. Not once did they utter “I am tired.” They motivated themselves as they motivated us.

The work was plenty but the reward was great. We ended up distributing 490 bags of food plus additional items which were in excess.