Global Humanity Network Donates 30 Much Needed Fans To Mt. Airy All Age School in Jamaica

Why we decided to work with this initiative

The roof of the Mt. Airy All Age school in Jamaica, West Indies is made of zinc. When the sun comes out during the daytime the school gets very hot.

The average temperature of Jamaica is 78 degrees and with the addition of the zinc roof the temperature increases by 10-15 additional degrees with no ventilation.

The classrooms were extremely hot and uncomfortable for the students. Global Humanity Network knew something as small as two fans per classroom would make a huge difference and enhance learning.

Dr. Laxley Stephenson, Earl Satahoo, and others went to the school and realized that they could not stand the heat in the room. They had to exit the classroom within 10 minutes. That’s when they knew that they had to do something to help.

The Global Humanity Network came together to make sure that these kids had cooler classrooms in which to learn.

Global Humanity Network Takes Action

We asked our community of our loyal donors for help. In a few short weeks we were able to purchase the fans with their generous donations.

With the help of the community the fans were installed within a few weeks. The kids now have air circulating in their classroom which is more conducive to learning.

This may seem like a small contribution but it ended up making a huge difference to kids who are now able to learn in a much cooler environment.

How much did each fan cost?

We purchased a total of 30 fans for $80 each. Some donors even chose to purchase individual fans for this project.

One of the members of the Global Humanity Network went directly to the site to oversee the installation of each fan.

Where is the school located?

The school is located in the parish of Westmoreland Jamaica West Indies.

When were the fans installed in the classroom?

The fans were installed in November of 2022.

How many kids are affected by this project?

Approximately 450 children.



Check out this video of the children of Mt. Airy saying thank you to the Global Humanity Network!