Global Humanity Network Partners With France School In Marketing Efforts

Monday, February 20, 2023

Thanks to Dr. Laxley Stephenson, founder of GHN Inc., the organization was able to connect with Dr. Kirilov, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Innovation at the Esta School of Business and Technology.

The school is located in Belfort, France, about 60 miles from Paris.

Early on February 20th, GHN’s directors joined Dr. Iglika Kirilov and 100 of her students via zoom

The 100 students were divided into groups and were given specific marketing tasks to complete to address humanitarian needs in different countries. The students will report back to GHN Directors with their findings later this month.

The objective of the call was to teach these marketing students about GHN and, more specifically, their current social media and promotional efforts.

The students were then assigned a project in which they will develop effective marketing and promotional plans designed to assist GHN with its goals

The one–hour orientation presentation to the students included a series of 10-minute presentations by each director, speaking within their area of expertise

Those included on the conference call were:

GHN Overview - Laxley Stephenson

Fundraising  - Grace Laing Moore

Helping Hands initiative - Donna Thompson

Infrastructure  - Roy (Binzie) Davidson

Mentoring  - Cecelia Lynch

Social Media - Martina Davis

The presentation was well received.